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Build Your Own SLA/SLS • Nobel 1.0 - To tear down or not . . .
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Nobel 1.0 - To tear down or not . . .

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:08 am
by badgerman
Hi All,

I took a punt on a Nobel 1.0 on ebay and tbh it is pretty good for the money and if you are trying to print nick nacks and widgets like some a fair portion of the hobbyist community. I however want a system that will produce prototypes of injection mouldings and designs for my business and although the printer is pretty good - the software is crap. XYZ have managed to create software that not only seems to place supports in totally arbitrary positions and not the risk points of the 3d model (leading edges, outside edges), but its slicer can take hours to calculate the machine code. I had hoped to use my experience in printing and building printers to overcome any hardware shortfalls, but the software is not something I can overcome. To add insult to injury, the resin has an RFID tag that prevents using other products and although their resin is ok (now that I lower its viscosity by heating it up a bit) it is a bit frustrating.

So, I am opening it up to the community to suggest my next move - of which there are 3.

- Tear the thing down, apply a new galvo control system and get it working with some other software.
- Tear it down and use as a frame for an LCD/DLP system
- Try and find someone clever that can bypass the RFID tags or re-write (if it is even possible)
- Sell on ebay and make not much money - put it to a machine that can produce models to the standard I require or not bother and sub the designs to one of the many 3d printers online.

Before anyone writes - "you get what you pay for" or something along those lines - I know, and I do not depend on RP's in my business so I am not likely to spend out for a Form2 or similar. I also know that the online community has the combined knowledge to get 99% of the way to a High quality machine, plus the added fun of the journey to get there. I am quite happy to rip the machine apart as it has served its purpose and it will provide great platform for another SLA build more sophisticated than my last. So - suggestions?