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Build Your Own SLA/SLS • laser projector
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laser projector

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:59 am
by Max
Hi everyone

One of my friend recently has bought a panasonic solid shine laser projector for his office showroom. It uses a blue laser instead of lamps as the light source. I was really interested in it's specifications. the brightness is 5200 lumens and the lamp life is 10000 hours. I really wanted to test such a projector but I can't find any useful information about the light source. I tried to cure some resin but it seems to be able to cure when it's near the lens so it's a little weak. I was wonder if we can somehow modify the projector like removing its color wheel to make it stronger.

Re: laser projector

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:19 pm
by seasicksinbad
Hello Max. I have been experimenting with a Benq laser projector and so far the results have been far from satisfactory. In order to minimize modifying the projector, I started by purchasing some blue light curing resin from Bucktown polymers. I removed the color wheel to obtain as much blue light as possible. Even after long exposures the resin would not cure.
I started looking into replacing the blue lasers for 405nm lasers. This didn't go well either, my projector uses two 12 laser led arrays, putting aside the cost of replacing them (which would easily break the house), they need to be perfectly aligned and focusing the collimating lenses is practically impossible with normal tools.
Next, I'll try removing one of the arrays completely and replacing it with a laser I bought on eBay. Hopefully, the lenses and dichroic mirrors inside the light engine will not stop this light frequency.
Hopefully your projector has a different design easier to modify.
Let me know if you need more assistance.
I'll keep working on it and post any achievements.