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Build Your Own SLA/SLS • Funtodo Standard Blend Black Smell
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Funtodo Standard Blend Black Smell

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:36 am
by leitnin
Hi there everyone,

I started looking into building a Top down DLP printer quite a while ago, and have tested different parts of the system here and there with success. I got sidetracked by an FDM printer build but am back to working on my DLP.

I took out the bottle of funtodo standard black that I have had sitting around for a while, put it in a small vat, went ahead with a bit of testing. I can see I will have to do quite a bit of calibrating this machine in terms of exposure times, build platform surface finish, etc, but man oh man if it didn't stink up the whole room in a jiffy.

I packed up the vat and took it out of the room, along with the printer frame (wood), build platform, etc. I've circulated fresh air through the room several times a day for the past two days, but there is STILL a lingering smell. It seems like if even a trace of this resin (that I can't find) is somewhere in the room, within a half an hour of closing the doors, the smell is quite noticeable.

Even after washing parts in alcohol and drying them, it seems like any amount of cured/semi-cured resin that might be stuck on threads or whatnot still smells quite strongly.

Is this normal? I can't imagine so as there's no way this is a usable solution (my wife would kill me if whatever is in the resin doesn't get me first...)



Re: Funtodo Standard Blend Black Smell

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:06 pm
by hp_
Hi leitnin,

I totaly recognize this, this is why i moved my printer to the garage, and put it near the garage door.
my wife really didn't want this to be in the house.

in my experience, that the part is still smelling means the resin is not yet finish curing.
what i do is put the printed part in a bottle / container of water(transparent) and leave it out in the sun for a few days.

after this, the smell is no more


Re: Funtodo Standard Blend Black Smell

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:23 am
by leitnin
Thanks for the reply hp,

I was afraid that would be the answer. Sadly for me, I do not have a garage or any place outside where I could really keep the printer.

Do you think the smell in the room days later, even with the printer moved to a different place could be from having really overexposed the resin, kind of like if you were to burn something on the stove the smell gets into everything and lingers for days? I haven't really at all dialed in exposure times since removing the color wheel so perhaps I was severely overexposing the resin...

Also, I've read from funtodo to avoid contact with water whatsoever. It sounds like in your experience this is an unnecessary warning?

Based on what you've said and my lack of a garage, I'm planning to build a well sealed box to contain the vat etc, and have the projector 100% external to the box shining though a thin acrylic window (that way any heat and airflow from the projector doesn't compound the problem. Anything resin-related would effectively be contained within the box at least during printing. I ordered an a1b1e1k1 respirator filter and fan to build an air scrubber for the box as well.

Problem seems to be, just taking out the part and trying to clean it is going to be a messy enough prospect that some little bits of resin will get somewhere and the problem won't be really solved.

I suppose I could store this thing on my covered patio, and bring the projector out when I want to print and can keep an eye on it, although that doesn't work so well during the freezing winter months :(

I just don't get how people are doing this at home, or even in an office without a serious permanent fume hood or something. Does a form1 or B9creator really smell that bad when the lid comes off, and otherwise its all contained? I can't imagine that really working

Any comments, questions, or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Re: Funtodo Standard Blend Black Smell

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:13 am
by leitnin
So, an update in case anyone stumbles across this.

This shouldn't be read as an attack of any kind on the Funtodo resin. My experience is just my own, and I purchased the resin through a 3rd party and had it sitting in storage for over a year before using it.

But. The standard black resin was completely unusable for me. Not in the sense that it didn't harden (although it seemed to never really fully cure, even after prolonged sun exposure, but it was such a messy, always separating, always seemingly seeping yellow resin mess that smelled so strongly, that even days after a test if a hint of it was anywhere in the room, you couldn't walk in there without getting smacked in the face by the smell.

I've since gotten a bottle of Photocentric3D Hard in Grey and while there is also an oder when you stick your face in it and yes, during printing too, it is infinitely better and a completely usable solution