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Build Your Own SLA/SLS • Inexpensive UV Cure Resin
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Re: Inexpensive UV Cure Resin

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:15 pm
by jkao
Interesting. SunCure UV 2000 appears to be a type of BAPO photoiniator with similar characteristics to the "819" family of photoinitiators that are sold by various different companies and is commonly used in 3D printing resins.

https://www.docketalarm.com/cases/PTAB/ ... ep_Ex_599/

I believe that 819-type BAPO initiators are the most common since I can find a lot of vendors who sell versions of this (CAS # 162881-26-7).

The CAS # 145052-34-2 listed as the sole ingredient in SunCure UV 2000 seems to be slightly more exotic, and appears to only be used as a component in blends or standalone as CGI 403. From the paper above, however, the curing characteristics seem to be very similar to 819 initiators.

Of note, is that this is not like the TPO initiator used in Autodesk PR48's open source formulation. TPO is less yellow and is also less sensitive to near-UV visible light. That makes TPO more suitable for clear and white resins (where you can use UV dyes to provide cure blocking rather than visible light dyes that will change the visible color).

SunCure UVC appears to be quite reasonably priced compared to trying to buy BAPO or TPO from a place like Sigma Aldrich in consumer quantities. This might be a nice additive for users with flexible setups to speed up curing in existing resins.

Have you actually tried the Solarez resin? I got some of the vinyl ester epoxy resins from them that are "Methanone" initiated, and found that near-UV in the 400-420nm range could not cure them. Methanone is a broad range though, and the SunCure initiator is also sometimes called called methanone although it's a phosphine oxide. Their 3D printing resin also lists "methanone" as its initiator, so I had doubts as to whether I could actually cure it.

You also mention using graphite powder as a pigment. How well does it stay in suspension without settling and where do you source it from?

Re: Inexpensive UV Cure Resin

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:08 am
by sunnyboy1234
I am new to the diy resin , I already bought the suncure uvc 2000 and the polyester resin .
what is the wt of suncure 2000?
I use benq DLP projector, it is more strong compare with sun light. I would like to see the cure time within 10 second per layer.

would you please help and suggest?

thanks a lot.