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Build Your Own SLA/SLS • Multi Material DLP Printing
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Multi Material DLP Printing

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:28 am
by AnishBall
Dear all,
I am a Masters student and I am currently working on my Master Thesis " Validation of Multi material printing using DLP printer". A little about the printer:
1.The printer uses DLP technology to print the part layer by layer.
2. The printer consists of a 5 vat array, which carries vats for the resins and cleaning station
3. The cleaning station used is an IPA tank, where the part will be dipped and then air dried using a fan, before moving to the next material.
4.The printer works with the help of two servo motors, one for the Z axis (build platform) and other for the X axis (which controls an array of vats for different resins and cleaning stations).

I have little knowledge on programming using the Marlin firmware and also the slicing softwares, when it comes to multi material printing. Hence I would like to ask you guys for some help:)

a. Is there any open source code (marlin code for material changeovers) for multi material printing available? I have researched a lot but found only for single material. Or should this be done by using the Gcodes?
b. Can the multi material layers be defined using a slicing software? such that the printer knows when to make a material changeover
c. There was an article from the director of muVe I guess, stating nanoDLP could possible for multi material printing, has someone worked on it?

I would really appreciate any help which I could get from this forum and if someone has worked on a similar concept (past or present) please feel free to share your experience in multi material printing using DLP technology.

Kind Regards