Creation Workshop and LaserShark plugin

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Creation Workshop and LaserShark plugin

Postby napalm » Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:38 pm

I've successfully compiled the LaserShark plugin for Creation Workshop, however the required drivers are very old (dating back to 2010) and it appears they're not supported by LaserShark's stdin application.
Is there a way to make the plugin use newer drivers, instead of the ones provided by PacManFan? I've already got LibUsbDotNet compiling, I just don't know where to tell it to use e.g. libusbK or libusb0.

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Re: Creation Workshop and LaserShark plugin

Postby Leob » Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:51 pm

Hi Napalm,

Did you succeed installing Lasershark plugin on CW?
I just can't find out how to install this plugin

Thank you

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Re: Creation Workshop and LaserShark plugin

Postby mrelhashemy » Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:24 pm

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Re: Creation Workshop and LaserShark plugin

Postby PacManFan » Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:39 pm

For anyone looking for a key, use this:

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Re: Creation Workshop and LaserShark plugin

Postby Leob » Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:41 pm

Leob wrote:
PacManFan wrote:
Mostafaeid wrote:Hello All,
I have got lasershark board with the two step board, followed the instructions on macpod and updated the firmware, draw a circle successfully! calibrated the galvos drivers, but when I connected the board to work on Creation workshop, it didn't work, and I figured out that it is not reading the board as it doesn't have a port to communicate through. after a little search, I found that I should compile the board using cygwin64 to be able to start working by creation workshop, so I have downloaded the program followed the instructions till the download window, it turned out that the total package about 20 gigabytes!! so what Iam asking for is: what are the required packages to download to program the chip? should I download all the packages as I saw in the instruction video?

FYI: I have setup the program using default configuration, but when I typed in the window of the Cygwin "CM", it said "Command not found".

Please advise

Read through this thread Cygwin should not be required for connecting the lasershark to CW. I have created a plugin that handles the USB communication and a download package to support it.


Here the debug code I receive from CW when I try to connect to LaserShark (Drivers from Steve, manually installed interfaces 0,1,2...).
In this config no movement from galvos neither by CW or "circle test" (macpod).

19:00:26.058> Disconnecting from Printer
19:00:26.090> Device Disconnected
19:00:30.188> Connecting to Printer on COM3 using eGENERIC
19:00:30.227> Device Connected
19:00:30.227> Info:Lasershark (Interface #0)
19:00:30.227> Info:System.Guid[]
19:00:30.243> Info:Created Control Interface
19:00:30.243> Info:Lasershark (Interface #1)
19:00:30.243> Info:System.Guid[]
19:00:30.258> Info:Lasershark (Interface #2)
19:00:30.258> Info:System.Guid[]
19:00:30.258> Info:ec = Success
19:00:30.258> Info:ec = Success
19:00:30.274> Info:len = 64
19:00:30.305> Info:Ring buffer sample count = 768
19:00:30.305> Info:Ring buffer empty sample count = 768
19:00:30.305> Info:getMaxSampleRate = 20000
19:00:30.305> Info:getResolution = 4095
19:00:30.321> Info:getFWMajorVersion = 2
19:00:30.321> Info:getFWMinorVersion = 3
19:00:30.321> Info:LaserShark connected
19:00:30.321> Can't find screen \\.\LASERSHARK

I have solved this problem, apparently it was some driver's problem. Galvos started to work on third time I've replaced the drivers.

Now I'm facing a new problem: just one of the galvos are moving. I slice an stl file, when I send it to the printer, one galvo moves, the other remains steady. I have switched galvo's cabling betwen them just to confirm that the motors/drivers are OK, and they are.

It seems to me that it is software related.

Does anyone faced similar problem?


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Re: Creation Workshop and LaserShark plugin

Postby spoocke » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:27 pm

Can someone post a clear tuto how to get it to compile.
with what you compile ?? cmake ; Cygwin64 ; visual studio ??
what to compile ..
Any thing that is just a but less vague.
plugLaserSLA.csproj is a visual studio C# project file still on what year of visual studio was it made ???
People are asking for help and really get none..
All files are gone from the forum....
And their you are one year aftr buying a lasershark.......