LC 4500 - UV projector

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LC 4500 - UV projector

Postby AnishBall » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:09 am

Dear all,

I am working on a 3D printer which was self designed and built for the reasons to validate multi material printing using DLP projector - LC 4500-UV (works at 405 nm wavelength UV light at an output power of 2W) from Keynote Photonics. Currently I am using a GUI from Keynote Photonics designed for the projector to project images and Universal Gcode Sender (hence works on GRBL firmware) to communicate with the stepper motors(one for the Z axis and one for the X axis to control the linear vat array) in providing the necessary translations as per the GCode file as obtained from Creation Workshop ( my slicer).

I am using flexvats with FEP films (100 microns thick) and a perforated aluminium build plate and the layers are attaching to the build plate well. The resins I have tested are Spot A resins (SPot LV and Spot GP)

But I am having a lot of issues to get models 3D printed. I have tried printing a cube, cylinder and even other models such as the eiffel tower or the rook. The main issue I see is that there is a whole lot of warpage and curling around the edges making the prints a nightmare!

My question is has someone worked with the similar projector. If so I would like to know what resin did they use and what exposure settings they used to succeed in their models.

I hope I get some help out here because there is almost no related work I could find with LC 4500 used for 3d printing applications. I have been following up this community for a while now and it definitely seems that there is a lot of experience with resin type printers. At the moment I am doubting to find whether the projector can be used for 3D printing at all.

Thank you all in advance and have a great day ahead

Kind Regards