4K DLP SLA -Open Source

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4K DLP SLA -Open Source

Postby Oneminde » Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:29 pm

If this topic has been started already, please direct me to that thread and delete this entry.

I am back :D for anyone who remember my contributions a while back. Due to complications, I did not act on any of the research I did, but things have changed and I would like to move forward with a set of fresh and simplified ideas. So here is the lineup of what the actual SLA printer I want looks like.

1. 4K resolution DLP projector - UV modified.
2. Top Down.
3. IKO Linear Rail for Z-axis.
4. NEMA-17 and RAMP v.1.7 controller board with Trinamic TMC2130 silent step.
5. ODrive controller for DC "servo" motor.
6. Raspberry Pi 3.
7 NanoDLP slicer.

Attached is the micron and XY build area for a 4K projector as well as a link to Marco Reps video of him testing the ODrive among other.


Any comments are more than welcome.
4K DLP SLA Printer Resolution.jpg