Feature Request: Image erosion for light bleed

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Feature Request: Image erosion for light bleed

Postby MMansfield » Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:56 pm


As part of my University project, I'm 3D printing injection mould tooling using DLP printer with high temperature resin. Due to the light bleed effect of the printer, I'm not getting the correct dimensions. Would it be possible to include a feature that erodes a certain number of pixels from the edge of each slice profile within the cws file.

I have managed to write such a script externally by exporting all of the slice images into Matlab, but I cannot overwrite the original slice images with the new adjusted images? Does anyone have any advice on how this could be done in the mean time? It would be such a huge help to me as I have been stuck on this problem for weeks!

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Matt :)