ChiTu DLP Slicer (supporting export STL)

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Re: ChiTu DLP Slicer (supporting export STL)

Postby chitu3d » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:55 am

rkundla wrote:
chitu3d wrote:If anyone has CW format definition or source code, please contact us(, ChiTu DLP Slicer can be compatible with the CWS format.It is convenient for everyone to use

Could this slicer be used as a replacement for CW? Would you be able to support gcode commands over serial port and display the sliced output via HDMI video?

yes, we are doing this function ,and the New Version will support ZIP format (include PNG and Gcode)

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Re: ChiTu DLP Slicer (supporting export STL)

Postby James » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:56 am

chitu3d wrote:
James wrote:No, you have to buy the board. The board was selling for somewhere around $200 at the time of my inquiry. It's a good price being that the software is free. It's a completely closed proprietary system at this time. It's basically what you get when you buy an Anycubic Photon for as low as $470 shipped. I purchased a Photon and I've been loving it more than my other resin based printers including one that I build myself that uses CW. The user inputs are ultra-simplified as can be seen by downloading the software and using it to do slicing. It has just enough inputs that one can experiment around with whatever resin they'd like to try.

One input option that is missing on the Photon version that is highly needed is the option to do antialiasing in the XY plane. The Photon has a pixel resolution of 47 microns, which is pretty good for most types of prints but when getting down to printing miniatures and jewelry it would be nice to be able to activate antialiasing.

Well, the new version will support anti aliasing. Please pay attention to our FB group:ChiTu 3D Printer Software and Contrroller

Hey, thanks! I didn't know you had a Facebook group! Here is the URL for it for those of you who don't want to search Facebook.

So, you are adding anti-aliasing? Great! I'll definitely use that!
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