KLD-LCD1260 image distortion

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KLD-LCD1260 image distortion

Postby danilius » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:10 pm

I have a KLD-LCD1260 with Photonic3D installed which has a recurrent problem that is becoming more frequent. Even though Photonic3D appears to project the image correctly as seen in the browser GUI, the image on the LCD gets smeared over the width of the screen resulting in the horrible print seen below. This happens randomly, but is being much more frequent.

The model was supposed to be a ring, and fortunately in this case someone accidentally pulled the plug half way through otherwise it would have wasted even more resin.

So, anyone have an idea why this happens? Is there a more recent/better firmware out there, and if so where, and how do I flash it to the card, or is the issue something else entirely?