Upgraded iBox Nano for sale in the UK

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Upgraded iBox Nano for sale in the UK

Postby glaug » Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:31 am

Hi all,

I've got an iBox Nano which I've lovingly customised and upgraded, for sale in the UK. It's fully working as far as I've tested, and I've replaced the (factory defective) LCD screen with another from the original supplier iBox used. I've replaced the original tabs which keep the print vat locked down with ones cast in epoxy putty, which won't crack on contact with printing resin unlike the originals. I've also reinforced the acrylic piece which holds the print bed in place. In addition, I've modified the printer to take a very slightly larger print vat, which can be ordered on Amazon more cheaply than iBox's own ones. It will come with 5 such vats, the original print vat, and a roll of FEP tape.

I'm looking for £250 posted within the UK, I can offer a discount to anyone willing to collect from South-Eastern Greater London. I'm monitoring replies to this thread.