Grayscale Mask Generator

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Grayscale Mask Generator

Postby Garage Science » Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:49 am

I've been working on a programming project since January and recently was able to finish it. I've created a grayscale generator that takes the relative exposure times for different portions of your build area and interpolates gray values for each individual pixel. It basically grays out high exposure areas so that everything has the same UV output across the build area. I'm still working on putting this into practice and testing it but I have made the software available for everyone to download so there can be a little more of a group effort getting this method put into practice.

If you are interested in this software you can go here to get a download link:

Tutorial videos for the software are located here:

Let me know what your think and if you find any bugs so that I can work to fix them.

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