Help ardunio set up

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Help ardunio set up

Postby farnzy » Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:15 pm

Hello, this is my first time posting and first time building a 3D printer using a projector. I have done a fair bit of research to understand most of the processes but am stuck with one issue.

I have purchased my ardunio uno and tried too understand the initial setup of it but seem to Be missing soemthing . Is there a process I can follow and code I can use simply once the ardunio is set up. Then print things with just using using creation Workshop??

If someone could help me understand this it would be great thanks heaps guys

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Re: Help ardunio set up

Postby leitnin » Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:45 am

EDIT: Reading a bit into this it seems that the UNO may not have enough memory to handle the Marlin firmware as well as the printer movement queue in RAM. Teacup firmware is probably a good alternative.

This is a difficult topic given all the different hardware/firmware/software combinations out there, but I know what it is like to be at the point you are, so let me see if I can help...

A lot of people have moved to a setup similar to an FDM printer with an Arduino Mega 2560 with a Ramps 1.4 board using marlin firmware because this is a well known and easy to use setup.

But a dlp printer has a lot less motors/endstops etc. than and FDM printer, so yo could say the ramps shield is a little overkill. (It makes it much easier to wire in stepper drivers, endstops, servos, etc. but you don't need it if you're willing to do a little wiring.

An arduino uno has plenty of pins for what you need, but there are few other things you will probably want to have connected to it which are important for how you configure the firmware.

- an endstop. Mechanical is fine. Search ebay for reprap mechanical endstop and pick up at least 1 to home your Z axis so the controller will know where Z is.

- a hobby servo - you can search for SG-90 for the most common arduino servo. This is used to open and close a shutter to block all the light form the projector while you are not printing. Not strictly necessary, but nice to have to prolong resin life in your vat.

- A stepper motor for your Z-axis (your Zaxis may be self-built or a purchased unit). the more you can tell me about it the more I can help. Assuming a 12v Nema17, as this is usually more than sufficient.

- A stepper driver for that stepper motor (typically an A4988 or DRV8825 stepper driver), which really simplifies driving the stepper. For this, you'll want to have a capacitor as well to protect the power input. If you need help here, let me know. A ramps board makes this unnecessary.

- A power supply for these components, probably 12V and a few amps.

- See EDIT at top: With that, my suggestion would be to use the Marlin firmware even though it is overkill because it lets you use creation workshop or any other software as a control basis as long as it spits out Gcode. Marlin is all set up to handle the various Gcode commands which move the printer, open the shutter etc. I can provide you with my firmware (which is also elsewhere on this message board, just modified a bit for my particular printer).

- See EDIT at top: You will need the Arduino 1.0.6 IDE to compile and upload the firmware. The newer versions of the arduino IDE do not compile properly, and I haven't bothered making a new version of the marlin firmware that works since using 1.0.6 is a fine solution.

- If you do go with the arduino uno, you may want a small breadboard to wire up all the items that need to connect to the board. Or you can wire them directly, but it's a bit of a challenge, at least for the stepper driver.

If you can tell me more about your hardware setup (and where you are in the process), I can try to help with specific suggestions, firmware files, etc.