creating slices

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creating slices

Postby elliotm » Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:24 pm

Hi All,

I've been working on a very graphics intensive drawing, (by AutoDesk inventor standards), but low on the slide component side. Basically I wanted to know if I could import two slides into the CW file and how this might be accomplished. There are the only two slides needed to complete the 3D print and I'm perplexed by the issue since AutoDesk has no problems making the drawing 2D, as does Rhino (albeit a no-solid design and non engineering standards), but I cannot get this drawing to work in Inventor. My thoughts were to import the slides as the sliced program for the deck and space them out as per what the slice would be at each z-move, ie this would be 50 layers of the rectangle and 5 layers of the micro-fluidic design.

The first is a rectangle to be printed as a base. The second is a micro-fluidic channel design. This portion is the graphics/RAM intensive portion. It has over 250,000 features at 20 um.

Thanks for all the work on this program, I have used it and enjoyed it!