Little RP- new, not yet calibrated. Weird issue- did I break my projector?

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Little RP- new, not yet calibrated. Weird issue- did I break my projector?

Postby innkeeper77 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:29 am

Hi all! I am new here, and slightly overwhelmed, so please forgive me if I missed something in my searches.. :?

1. The main issue. After printing for about 6 hours, I now have a band that goes across my print area, where if I print out a full print, it is shrunken in height at that area. I started a print and cancelled it after two layers- the build plate had a visible band there where resin did not cure... Did I melt something, or melt part of my projector? - Attachement showing a full print with a shrunken bit. Both sides should be identical and flat. The undercured? band makes it curved. (I did not replace my Teflon in the vat yet. Could that be related?) - Photo attached of a result. It's blurry, but it is the best photo I have that shows the issue, quite clearly. Sorry for the low quality- it's close to midnight and I am being lazy ;)


2. I assume it is because my calibration is not dialed in, but I tried printing a similar object angled with supports, and the supports did not generate, and the object was missing a large chunk. A different time trying this, JUST the supports printed. (Not a slicing error) - any link to a good guide on calibration that worked for you would be great..

3. I have Makerjuice SF because it was cheap. Unfortunately, even though I cured the objects outside (at full sun at 5000 feet- so plenty of UV) for multiple hours, and cured in a UV nail curing bax for an addition 15 minutes, it did NOT play nice with platinum cured silicone. (I used mold release and everything) - what is the best resin for the little RP2 that also plays nice with silicone curing?

Specs of setup:
Little RP 2 extended height, normal vat size. Acer x152h, shimmed. Makerjuice SF red

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Little RP- new, not yet calibrated. Weird issue- did I break my projector?

Postby goopyplastic » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:17 pm

My initial thoughts are that

1) may not be good enough buildplate adhesion, makerjuice will sometimes require a base on a part. Is the part still stuck to the baseplate in all areas when you are done?

2) the film may not be tight on both sides of the vat. to get some more tension, you can remove the clear spacers and tighten the vat down further. If the vat film is loose, it will deform and transfer this deformation to the print.