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Postby goopyplastic » Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:02 pm

Thanks for hanging in there with me!, it has been a bit longer than I anticipated.

For the curious, there are 20 kits total, 12 tall, 8 regular height. 14 have been purchased leaving 3 tall and 3 regular height (6 total) kits available currently. It makes much more sense to do things in parallel (LittleRP2 in particular would be a painful kit to make one at a time) so 20 kits were done at the same time. This means the leadtime for the remaining kits is down to a week now.

The first 7 kits will be dropped off at UPS today, 7 more will be packed and labeled for shipment this weekend. This weekend EBA orders will open which should go quite a bit faster, after those ship then work will transition towards LittleRP retrofit options. I will send out a survey to the LittleRP News list with some different options for folks to gauge interest of the various upgrade options and finalize on a few offerings.

One note, I increased the FEP / FOAM included in the kits from 2 sets to 3 sets as a courtesy :)

@redbeard - Yes I will offer FEP / FOAM in the store, LittleRP2 FEP / FOAM is also compatible with the self-source vat included with the kit.

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