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LittleRP2 Information

Postby goopyplastic » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:24 pm

Hello LittleRP'ers, thought I would give some info now that things have finalized for the most part.

The LittleRP2 will be a real thing shortly, consisting of source files, kit availability, and parts for those self sourcing.

The LIttleRP2 is still heavily based off the LittleRP so that there is an easy upgrade path for those with a LittleRP, the main differences are the width of the machine, the vat design, small incremental changes, silent stepper drivers, astrosyn vibration dampners, hinged hood, no glue hood option, mgn12 and 2mm pitch leadscrew options, etc.

One of the more exciting additions is the support for (2) 1080p projectors that will let you get 25x/y micron, the Acer X152H and the Optoma HD37, neither of which suffer from the optics issues of the P1500 / H6510BD projectors. (This support can be added to the LittleRP as well)

The other major addition is the option for increased build area, both in height and in x/y dimensions. There are now options for an extra 100mm in Z height as well as almost doubling the x/y dimensions.

The core product is still the smallest of the configurations, the short, small build area, high resolution version. However people now have options, you can change the LittleRP2 from small build area to large build area in a few minutes by rotating the projector base to the rear, installing some spacers, and swapping out the mid plate / vat assembly.

The source files will be available at the same time I allow ordering of the kits for those who want to build their own. I will also put together some upgrade kits for those who want to just buy the parts needed to convert. The store will start transitioning away from full kits and offering more components to make it easier for those building their own LittleRP2. I plan on working on modifications to the design in the future, offering LCD support etc. and the wider platform will better allow for this.

I am also happy to announce that the LittleRP is now a certified OSHWA ID:US000060 (Open Source Hardware Association) project, I am a firm believer in the Open Source community and would love to support you if you wanted to produce and sell kits yourself.

If you have any feedback I would love to hear it.

For some actual numbers:

LittleRP2 - 85mm / 185mm z travel ( regular vs. tall)
Acer x152h - 49x28mm (25 micron x/y) - 72x40mm (37 micron x/y) (2 positions available)
Optoma hd37 - 49x28mm (25 micron x/y)
Acer p1500 / h6510bd / viewsonic 7820 - 72x40mm (37 micron x/y)
Acer p1283 / x1240 - 60x45mm (50 micron x/y)

LittleRP w/ Expanded Build Area - 80mm / 180mm z travel ( regular vs. tall)
Acer x152h - 90x50mm (48 micron x/y) - 120x80mm (67 micron x/y) (2 positions available)
Optoma hd37 - 90x50mm (48 micron x/y)
Acer p1500 / h6510bd / viewsonic 7820 - 120x80mm (67 micron x/y)
Acer p1283 / x1240 - 102x76mm (100 micron x/y)

For some pictures:
LittleRP2 (left)
LittleRP2 w/ Expanded Build Area kit installed (right)
LittleRP2+ (left)
LittleRP2+ w/ Expanded Build Area kit installed (right)

Imgur link with more pictures:

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Re: LittleRP2 Information

Postby sealclubber » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:03 pm

Is there an estimated price point to upgrade from the original littlerp? I just got done assembling mine about 2 weeks ago... glad to see a new version but I'm worried about my wallet.

EDIT: The specs look great by the way, and congrats on getting OSHWA certified!

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Re: LittleRP2 Information

Postby goopyplastic » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:43 pm

It really depends on what you want, I made sure to keep all the linear motion components, tslot, mirror holder, major distances etc. compatible / identical to the LittleRP. So you can definitely do a bit of a buffet where you choose if you want to upgrade anything. The main benefit of the wider frame is to allow a wider vat which has benefits of holding more resin, having a more efficient peel, and allowing for the expanded build area option.

That said, there is no reason you couldn't drill new holes for a X152h, add an astrosyn, swap to a tmc2100 driver and either use HTL's new V5 vat or switch out your mid platform for my flexvat, I do have a hinged hood option for the original LittleRP as well. My loose flexvat is retro-fitable on the LIttleRP I made sure of that, here is an example:

Increasing the height of your existing machine would be prohibitive though.

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Re: LittleRP2 Information

Postby Yianni-VJ » Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:52 pm

Offering such a versatile "a la carte" upgrade option menu shows a great amount of respect to existing LRP owners.
You went out of your way to please old and new users alike, a great example to be followed !

I am the proud (second) owner of LRP1 and I 'm eager to start my DLP experiments & mods on a tested platform such as yours.

I did not see Raspberry Pi mentioned on this thread, can I have that option with preconfigured NanoDLP?
Also, is the homing feature implemented?

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Re: LittleRP2 Information

Postby sealclubber » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:05 am

This all looks stunning to be honest... didn't want to come off as ungrateful or anything in my previous message. I've actually already modified the height of my own littlerp by another 90mm by adding a printed misumi style t-slot and a couple of self designed supports, along with just moving the back plate and side plates up. My next step was to make the XY print surface larger, which is as simple as moving the projector back.... but I would also need to get a larger vat and cut more space in the mid platform, a bigger mirror, etc etc. I'll probably make a little post about it later on, mostly to show off the modular capability of the littlerp more than anything else.

Can't wait to see what this holds in the future. Maybe I'll actually print more stuff this time instead of working on it :D

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