pressurized FEP vat

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Re: pressurized FEP vat

Postby dragokirov » Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:29 pm

The main problem is how is solved the problem with the forces between molecules of the resin on the one hand and the build plate/cured resin/on the other. Science knows only one method, but in the Carbon I do not see it. If implemented it, the printer will not work.If Carbon works as advertised will disturbing the First law of thermodynamics or the resin has a lower viscosity than oxygen. I think that Carbon3D can not print objects thicker than about 1 mm XY with high Z resolution and high speed.The slowing the speed in the video when printed in large area proves it. I really have big doubts about this technology for that price. Everybody can experiment with this technology, only need to turn it upside....and does not work. I could be wrong, I do not know.

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Re: pressurized FEP vat

Postby James » Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:01 pm

Just a reminder about using a pure oxygen atmosphere. If anything in the oxygen filled chamber somehow reaches combustion temperature the oxygen will accelerate the combustion causing catastrophic failure. A tragic example of this:

Yes, I know most you or most likely all of you, given our adeptness at building things, know about the danger; I just wanted to give the reminder just in case. :D
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