PDMS vs FEP vs Others?

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PDMS vs FEP vs Others?

Postby Phife » Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:06 pm

Hey guys,

Im redesigning my printer and wanting to try something different for my VAT coating. I have a bottom up printer and im using a 1mm thick layer of PDMS on glass. The release works ok and its nice and even and clear but now my issue is swelling and clouding of the PDMS after several prints. Its a pain to recoat the glass with PDMS so I think i need a new solution.

I heard that FEP was good to try, I found some adhesive backed stuff large enough for my vat (16x12") and im going to try that. Ive also heard of other using FEP with no adhesive. Can anyone give me any info on what theyve tried? Im thinking that the non adhesive backed stuff might cause trouble if any air bubbles get between it and the glass.

Is there anything else you guys have tried with success?

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Re: PDMS vs FEP vs Others?

Postby erenaud » Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:11 pm

I personally haven't tried anything else than Sylgard 184 yet, but the mUVe 3D printer for example uses adhesive Teflon FEP film.
you can buy it in their store for 3,50 US$ http://www.muve3d.net/press/product/fep ... r-coating/
doesn't help us much, since we are located in Germany - but I do want to try some in the near future.
Etienne Renaud
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