Cheap/functional Z Axis options??

Discussed here are the various tilt/ slide and Z-Axis mechanisms
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Cheap/functional Z Axis options??

Postby wirelessguyny » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:42 am

I am looking for low-cost Z axis options.

My own printer is a top-down model, so I beleieve I have less worry about vats and resin weight/deforming etc...

I'm looking for the best/cheap Z Axis option and hope that some of you out they have advice about your own trials and tribulations I can learn from.

I'm wondering if I could just build my own Z Axis out of plastic and mimic some of the matel slides I see out there.

I've also been consdiering a plastic Rack and Pinion concept. While prototypes could be printed up I think something stronger, like injection moulded plastics might be good for solid long term use.

I've also been contemplating adding a salt-water solution to my bath and perhaps a drip system of sorts but so far I've yet to find a cheap way to measure water/resin height at a sub 1mm scale.

Any thoughts for me??