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Re: Resin Suppliers

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:23 am
by svs
We are Turkish biggest 3d printer and related products manufacturer since 2009.

We are formulated best quality DLP - SLA resin for lost wax casting and industrial use with world best prices.

NO PIGMENT SEDIMENTATION ( pigments stay months without sedimentation)...without shaking

WORLD BEST SHELF LIFE ....(more than 15 months)


please visite our page for print and casted metals pictures.

CAST resin 1kg price : 60 usd
FORM resin 1kg price : 50 usd

Senertek have decades of experience on 3d printing fields jewelry , dental , micro tooling &

metal castings.The company is the oldest & biggest 3d printer manufacturer in TURKEY since 2009

SNRcast is the World's best priced high quality sla - dlp castable photopolymer resin !

Allow speed casting in total 45 minutes for dental applications including all burnout cycles.

no residue , no ash, ultra clean burnout . ( see casted metals pictures)

easy cast with chrome cobalt ( dental applications) , gold ,silver and many metals for jewelery & micro tooling


0.025 , 0,050 , 0.075 ,0.100 micron layers

Size :
1 Liter (1.0 KG)

Color avaible : black ,green , yellow, red , cheery
please email us the color choice

Technical Data:

Shrink: 0.2%
Ash Content: < 0.03%
Surface Tension: 39.0 Dynes/cm
Tensile Strength: 10100 PSI, 4% Elongation
Shore Hardness: 85 D
Glass Transition Temperature: 82°C
Water content: < 0.08%
Viscosity @ 20°C: 50 cP
Acidity: < 0.15 mg KOH/g
Density @ 25°C: 1.15 g/cm3

UV Absorption range: 250 to 450 nm

3d printer compability : DLP - SLA

Shelf-life is 15 months from receipt

we ship by DHL ..estimated worldwide delivery time 3-5 days..

1kg worldwide shipping is 20 usd .by DHL express

CAST resin burnouts;

Burn out cycle for dental ;SPEED CASTING

300 C 15 min
650 C 15 min
900 C 15 min
& cast

Burn out cycle for dental : NORMAL CASTING
100 C 15 min
250 C 30 min
650 C 15 min
930 C 30 min
& cast

Burn out cycle for jewelery ;
3Hrs @ 300 F 150 C
1Hour @700 F 370 C
3 Hrs @1350F 730 C
1 Hrs @900F 480 C
& cast


Savaş şener / manager
gsm:+90 532 2416280
Mithat paşa cad. n:161 sener business center

Re: Resin Suppliers

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:41 am
by svs
Silver castings from customer ODABAS JEWELLERY izmir /TURKEY

Re: Resin Suppliers

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:41 am
by svs
Silver castings from customer ODABAS JEWELLERY izmir /TURKEY

Re: Resin Suppliers

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:02 am
by Valent
Hi All,

I have developed a new resin blend for DLP 3D printers. Main features are:

  • No pigment settlement for long (12+ hours) prints
  • High resolution
  • Low odour
  • Tough, but not too brittle
  • Low skin irritation
  • Affordable price
  • Color - dark gray. Notice, that pictures are printed with black resin. This will be a bit more gray.

I'm offering various quantities on tindie, so you can try it out for as little as $12 :!:

:arrow: Get it here:


:arrow: Get it here:

Re: Resin Suppliers

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:27 pm
by DruckWege
Hello folks,

i want to introduce us to the list of Resin Providers: DruckWege.

We do have our own epoxybased resin made in germay and are also reseller of MakerJuice in Germany.

Please have a look on our website:


We do have also a Reseller in the US:

Re: Resin Suppliers

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:30 pm
by AmeraLabs
Hey Everybody,

Let me introduce my company AmeraLabs. We are producers of high quality 3D resins for SLA/DLP/LED/LCD 3D printers.

:arrow: Check out our products here: :!:


More pictures: