FunToDo releases 4 new Form1 blends

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FunToDo releases 4 new Form1 blends

Postby dlp_builder » Wed Apr 27, 2016 9:01 am

Dear FunToDo customers,

After months of developing, testing, re-developing, re-testing, we have reached the stage of releasing our Form1+ family of blends:
The F1+ Black, the F1+ Grey, the F1+ White and the F1+Clear.

F1+Logo.png (12.2 KiB) Viewed 7984 times

Existing brands are offering their standard resins for use on the the Form1(+), all with their standard properties, performing even worse on the Formlabs machines. Although most of them not harmful to the expensive machines, their performance stays far behind to the original Formlabs resin.

At FunToDo we have taken our efforts more than a step further, we have taken it a leap forwards.
We have re-invented FormLabs owns resins.
We have designed our own F1+ family from the ground up.

These efforts resulted in unprecedented properties, full compatibility with the Form1, the Form1+ and the formlabs software settings.
What is also very important to the customers, we did it at a fair and affordable price.
To be more precise, we did it at HALF the price! :D

€67,50 (FunToDo Recommended retail price, ex. Vat and shipping)

Soon we will release the F1+ Castable and the flexible version.
Visit our facebook page for the latest news:

We are currently stocking our distributors througout the world and the new blends will be available to you shortly

Contact your local distributor for further details or send us an email at

See you soon!

Danny R. Reijgwart