[low-cost RESIN] SLA Printer

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[low-cost RESIN] SLA Printer

Postby robert13 » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:47 am

I am new here and hadn't had much time to look for a similar thread.

We're building a 3D SLA Printer based on an existing one,but using a different resin and projector.

We are now testing the new resin on the old printer first.

Old printer uses : * Resin : MakerJuice Labs G+
* Projector : ACER p5307wb

New printer has to use : * Resin : Hegardt H-61
* Projector : ACER P6500 (more powerful)

Current testing status : * Resing: Hegardt H-61
* (old projector) : ACER p5307wb

The issue is that the resin H-61 doesn't cure .
We increased the exposure time,but it doesn't seem to cure any UV with our parameters.
We loaded a test cube (10x10x2 [mm] ),the ETA was 30 minutes,but nothing solidified .

(The tank that we're using is a "sample tank" which was successfully tested with MakerJuice G+ resin and the ACER p5307wb projector )

What solutions could you have for this new resin ?
It is very similar to glue,so dens.
What parameters should we change or something like this ?

I am looking forward to reading your comments upon this.

Thank you for your attention !

L.E.: I have just uploaded some photos of our 'devices' :

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Re: [low-cost RESIN] SLA Printer

Postby James » Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:02 am

Two things. Firstly, they sell two resins, H-61 and H-61-UV. One cures with a peroxide catalyst and contains UV inhibitors to protect it from UV damage and the other cures with UV light. Second, provided you do have the H-61-UV, their specifications on it are stating that it cures with sunlight or UV lamps and that right there makes me think it cures at the short side of the UV wavelength spectrum, something like 365 nm for example. So, if that is the case, DLP projectors don't output UV wavelengths that short.

Oh and, keep in mind that no matter how powerful your projector output is nothing is going to cure if the projector is not outputting the proper wavelength for the resin attempting to be cured.
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