Comparing all available resins on market!

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Comparing all available resins on market!

Postby Tim.Yoshi » Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:52 pm


How about exchanging experience in comparing resins "in words". i.e. this resin "X" is better than resin "Y" in terms of price, curing speed and surface finish, but it is more brittle and aggressive to PDMS. Something like this?

Because you know, all the sellers say "it's the best resin in the world" and you have to buy it to try. And finally understand that it is not better than your current or does not suits your need. I'm sure everyone tried AT LEAST two types of resins. So that could be good starting point!
We could set some kind of little database with real world "on words" description of properties and how it is comparable to others. That should make life easier to everybody who want to find appropriate resin.

Any suggestions?