How MadeSolid CastSolid & Deep Red burns... in my tests

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How MadeSolid CastSolid & Deep Red burns... in my tests

Postby smsla » Mon May 18, 2015 8:29 pm

Just FYI for anyone interested. When I personally tested the MadeSolid (MS) CastSolid resin along side the MS Deep Red, the CastSolid burned more like cardboard and almost appeared to be implosive, shrinking and still very ashy like a withered cardboard matchstick, but most certainly did not melt like wax or even PLA. When compared to the MS Deep Red burn, it was IMPRESSIVE indeed! The Deep Red burned like volatile plastic and really caught fire, and warped -- almost expanding a bit, unlike the CastSolid. Overall I am glad I purchased the CastSolid in case I'd like to use it for direct investment casting. Now I understand how it might perform in a rapidly heated kiln and burn out as desired.
Steve H.

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