Why NOT use saltwater?

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Re: Why NOT use saltwater?

Postby CaptElmo2165 » Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:46 pm

Hey Hugues,

Yeh I've seen you round the Titan forums. Thanks for the link to the other thread - sorry for not checking that first, oops!

The concerns there seem to be with stability of the liquid / liquid interface. Three thoughts occur:

1) It might be easier to maintain the integrity of this interface if the two liquids (resin and the liquid below) if the two are completely immiscible - not sure that resins are completely immiscible in water. Temperature might affect this miscibility.
2) It might be easier to maintain this integrity if the two have very different viscosities.
3) It might be possible to avoid the issue of a new layer of requiring a new, very thin layer of resin to travel along this boundary once the plate moves up if we adopted the practically continuous movement Carbon 3D propose. Perhaps the liquid on the bottom would provide the oxygen required to inhibit the polymerisation and the projector could be focused beyond the interface?

I'll keep thinking now I know what the issues were though.