Formulas for home brewed photosensitive resins.

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Re: Formulas for home brewed photosensitive resins.

Postby nordin » Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:05 pm

We are making our own resins with specific properties for microfluidic devices and are using an Asiga 3D printer with a UV LED at 385 nm. We have not been able to find a good UV absorber for this wavelength. Sudan I is ok for testing purposes, but our final parts can't be colored. Absorbers like Mayzo UV 236 and UV 327 or BLS-99 cut off in their absorption at about 385 nm so they aren't absorptive enough. I just looked at the specs for the absorber in the Ember open source resin, Mayzo Benetex OB, but it turns out to be fluorescent, which is also something we can't have. Does anyone have suggestions for an alternate absorber that works well at 385 nm?

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