LCD Based 3D Printer - Introduction

This is the place to discuss DLP projectors, UV Lasers, Galvanometers, LCD screens and similar display devices. Also discussed are optics in general.
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Re: LCD Based 3D Printer - Introduction

Postby Nucklear » Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:18 pm

Hi, I'm new here and first of all I want to say thank you for putting all of your researchs here available to everyone. I ended up here searching for information for my DLP based printer and indeed I did (will post some about it when we finish it) but what mostly interested me at last was this post and all the research regarding the LCD based printers.

After reading all the available information and some papers I ended up realizing that using color LCD panels is just a waste of light power (although some successful tests), Monochrome LCD panels are more efficient than colored but still limiting and very expensive (At least for a hobbist as me) and visible light resins are not good enough for highres printings.

Anyway this is based on my readings on this forums and a few more sources that were already commented here but since there are no new posts since some months ago I just want to know some things clear my head:

1- Regarding Ipad panel you were testing some time ago what was the mean curation time to cure the resin and what resin were you using? I can't figure out if that way deserves more research based on light power and printing speed.

2- Is there any reliable visible-light resin in the market that could be used with a LED projector or LCD screen?

3- I found some Grayscale monitors on ebay between 100-200$ I know that they are used and is not recommended but are there any cheap monochromatic monitor or I'm just kicking a wall? Also regarding the 8-10-12bits can they be used with a standard (high-end) radeon/geforce?
Here are some examples of many: ... SwwE5WaeVF ... Swv-NWVhf5

4- And generaly what is the "state of art" of LCD based 3D printers


I found this video on YT:

I was thinking about that the commercial laws restrict the UV that a LCD panel can pass for health issues. And this made me think about measuring different LCD panels to check how much difference exist in their filters. Maybe this give us an approach to find panels that does not filter UV light very well and potentially find poor produced LCD that does not filter UV light at all and doesn't match the production standards. Could that be posible?

Regards and thank you again for all of this research.

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