Banding in Z axis

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Banding in Z axis

Postby erikcrane » Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:04 pm

Hi everyone,
I have been building a dlp 3d printer top down. My axis is an 8 mm threaded rod and hiwin guide rail. The printer is based in resincat, a dlp printer developed in barcelona (z axis photo).

Previosly I use a silicone as agent release in VAT but now I am using fep.

Since I change vat release system I have troubles in prints. I attach diferents images. In one of the image you can clearly see the banding and in the others the banding is less visible.

Do you think is Z axis problem? Wooble?
In the image that you can see more visible the banding, the exposure time is higher than the oders.

I have no clue what is the problem. I have been trying align threaded rod with liner guide and the printer platform does not wooble.

Can you help me, please? :|

Many thanks to all of you :)